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A classic Mac adventure fully restored for OS X!

Play the wide-ranging adventure game from independent developer Ray Dunakin — now available in the Mac App Store! With hundreds of individual scenes to explore, A Mess O’ Trouble is filled with challenges, hidden treasures, and plenty of personality! Its non-linear gameplay lets you explore at your own pace as you search for solutions to the many puzzles confronting you.

A Mess O’ Trouble is set in Ray’s Maze — a strange spatial anomaly consisting of a patchwork quilt of worlds stitched together by Jump Doors. As either veteran adventurer “Fearless” Frank or intrepid newcomer “Daredevil” Dawn, you will explore the many worlds of the Maze in search of treasure and a way out!

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Explore an authentic ghost town for hidden gold. Escape from a tropical island. Break the curse afflicting the beautiful Faerie Queen. Uncover the secret of ancient technology and save a civilization from utter obliteration! These and many more challenges are ready to be overcome in A Mess O’ Trouble!

The OS X release features a new menu system that eliminates the need to type commands, as well as a detailed Player’s Guide and Hint Book with complete maps of the game. Long-time Ray’s Maze fans will be right at home, and new players will get to experience the same unique adventure gameplay that made the original release such a favorite.

Here’s what people have said about A Mess O’ Trouble:

“It is simple, clean and perfect...”

“How do you make these games so addictive?”

“...A Mess O’ Fun...”

“...if a detailed, nonlinear plot, plenty of puzzles to solve and strange worlds to explore are what counts with you, you’re in luck, because Trouble provides that...”

“...this game is a masterpiece that has challenged my mind and kept me burning the midnight oil...”

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You’ll find A Mess O’ Trouble in the Mac App Store. A Mess O’ Trouble requires a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks, or Yosemite. If you have more questions, please contact Ray.

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