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Reviews and Feedback From Critics and Fans

Here’s what the critics said about A Mess O’ Trouble’s original release — quotes taken from full reviews:

“If you need splashy, full-color graphics to complete your gaming experience, A Mess O’ Trouble, sequel to the vastly popular Another Fine Mess, is not going to be your cup of tea. However if a detailed, nonlinear plot, plenty of puzzles to solve and strange worlds to explore are what counts with you, you’re in luck, because Trouble provides that — at a rock bottom price.”

“Everything from the graphics to the gameplay to the written descriptions of the rooms is of professional quality.”

“If you’re a fan of the old Infocom games and can deal with a simpler interface, you’ll be right at home here, but so will players of newer games like Myst. In fact, the game is quite a bit larger than Myst, and has more puzzles, despite being smaller than the size of some of Myst’s QuickTime movies!”

Rating: 3 ½ “apples”
Mac Home Journal, October 1994

“One thing I discovered right away is how creative Ray is and how he pushed World Builder to its limits. In order to win AMOT, you will have to solve a series of puzzles, find the hidden treasures, and finally a way out of Ray’s Maze. Ray put a great deal of work into this game so don’t expect to finish it in any record time.”

“...A Mess O’ Fun...”

Rating: 3 ½ “joysticks”
Inside Mac Games, August 1994

“Ray’s game is a thriller that will get suspense back into the games we play on our computers. It is simple, clean and perfect and will give you many hours of play.”

Straightlines Monthly, October 1994

And here’s what gamers have said about the original shareware release of A Mess O’ Trouble — excerpts from actual letters, e-mail and public message boards:

Date: Mon, Dec 5, 1994 1:37 PM EST
From: JeanH
Subj: A Mess O' Trouble - the best
To: AFC Kel, AFL Rod, AFC Daniel, AFC Ian, AFC Tuncer, AFA Alice, AFC Jen

Re: A Mess O'Trouble v.1.4
Lib: New Applications Files (#17045)

As a psychologist studying some of the effects of games on consciousness I have to conclude that Dunakin’s newest is the best adventure game I have found — and that includes Myst. It involves the players use of considerable amounts of logic and imagination — right and hemispheric functions of the brain, as well as drawing them forward to think and act in extended ways.

I would hope that you would find other games of similar excellence for AOL. If there any, please let me know so that I can study them.

Thank you, Jean Houston, Ph.D
Director, The Foundation for Mind Research; Senior Advisor to UNICEF on human and cultural development (author of 15 books on human capacities)

Date: 94-07-12 10:37:31 EDT
From: WilThril
Subj: Another Fine Mess O' Trouble
To: RayDunakin

Ray, this is to inform you that I am forced to sue you for damages. I have played MOT non-stop for the last two days — including at the office, which has resulted in my being fired. Clearly it’s all you fault. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer soon.

How do you make these games so addictive? Seriously, this is an excellent follow-up to AFM.

That’s all. Thanks for such a great game!

Date: Fri, Sep 30, 1994 10:37 PM EST
From: LindD25667
Subj: AFM and AMOT
To: RayDunakin

I just received my registration information for A.F.M. and a copy of “A Mess of Trouble.” They are both the hits of the neighborhood. Thanks again for these great games. They are quite enjoyable to play. I enjoy them, my kids and the neighbors love them. They are more popular with the kids than Nintendo and Genesis. Keep up the great work.

I’m looking forward to your next endeavor. I just hope I can solve the riddles in the two games I have before the next one comes out. Once again thanks for hours of enjoyment! Keep up the good work.

Date: Wed, Sep 21, 1994 8:27 PM EST
From: Bernard256
Subj: Whole Mess O Trouble
To: RayDunakin

I gotta tell you Ray, this game is not only better then AFM it is also better then MYST. I mean, without a doubt. MYST’s puzzles weren’t nearly as fun or hard as these. Of course I’m sending the money in tommorrow’s mail.

Subj: Rescue Man In Mine
From: Ger091842

94-10-17 13:24:41 EST

I am totally awestruck. This is the best game I have ever played. I love it. Ray is The Master.

Subj: More, more, more!
From: Bonnett
Posted on: America Online

94-07-27 22:48:14 EDT

Can anyone recommend other adventure games available online that are of the same quality as the Ray’s Maze games? I’ve downloaded a couple others that were a waste of download time. The Ray’s Maze games were my first experience with this type of game; I hope I’m not spoiled for life!

Subj: Re:More, more, more!
From: BarryP13
Posted on: America Online

94-07-28 08:36:27 EDT

Your spoiled for life...... Ray is a real Artist....

Subj: almost finished /still need help
From: Ye DarkOne
Posted on: America Online

94-08-01 06:14:22 EDT

After about 20 hours of playing this game i can honestly say D*** GOOD GAME !! really!!!!

I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

Subj: Re: stuck again
From: IbbyR
Posted on: America Online

94-08-03 22:36:22 EDT

Fantastic game!!!!!! This is by far the most entertainment (and the most agony) available anywhere for only $10. My check is on the way.

Subj: fuse/ocr help
From: Darwin 100
Posted on: America Online

94-09-02 17:08:12 EDT

ray...love your game...but my spouse threatens divorce as I am hooked...check is in the mail...

Dear Mr. Dunakin,

I am only too happy to send in my meager $10 to register A Mess O’ Trouble. I loved Ray’s Maze and Another Fine Mess, but A Mess O’ Trouble is by far and large the most wonderful shareware adventure game I have ever played. With fantastic graphics, great sounds and challenging puzzles....this game is a masterpiece that has challenged my mind and kept me burning the midnight oil....This is by far your most professional game yet...

Jason A. Sparks

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